Santa Claus taking selfie with Christmas Elf, Reindeer, Polar Bear, Snowman, penguin, cute vector greeting card for christmas and new year season


Christmas is near! Share the joy with this cute vector illustration that can be used for greeting card! For other cute vector illustration you can see them here!

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So one of the thing I like when I draw is to see the progress, from the start until the drawing is finished. Especially the coloring process.



I usually use Illustrator for outline and photoshop for coloring.

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Drawing and Coloring

uwaaaah after long time not posting anything here >.< So, this week I found again my long time lost passion, which is drawing ^^; I start again learning from tutorial I found on the web about coloring with Photoshop. So these are my drawing. Still need a lot of work tho’. But I’ll definitely work on it. 




So how is it? :3 

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Whoa, lucky for me that I got this moment when I brought my camera with coupled reversed lens on it with me.

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My Imagination Is Running Wild

When you see something closer, really really close, you will see something different from what your eyes can see normally. That is one of the reason why I love macro photography.

When I take picture of some critter that I haven’t seen before, my imagination will run wild!~ ^^;a Just like this critter. I didn’t know what it was.


Is that horn?

“Ah, is that horn?”, “Whoa, it looks like a dinosaur”, “wait, did I just find a critter that haven’t been found before!”, “oh! it looks like that character on Dragon Ball, Cell before he changed his form!”, thoughts like that just pop up on my head, and make my imagination running wild XD Buuuuut, I decided to look some information on internet, and I found out that it wasn’t come up like in my imagination before ^^;a


Ox Bug

It is an Ox Bug (Alcimocoris Japonesis)~

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Test The Umbrella

Soooooooo, I asked one of my best buddy to be model for me testing the umbrella that I just bought from online shop before. Luckily she agree to do it~ Thanks Ade! XD and yeay, no more experimenting with self potrait ^^;a I used Canon 500D with its 18-55mm lens kit, and Nissin Di-866 off shoe with umbrella in the left-front side of my friend. And this time we decided to take picture while she swinging her long hair. Well, I’m not a pro, but I do enjoy taking picture. So, please give me feedback if you had for me to take a better picture ^^

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Taken with 500D + Kenko Ext. Tube + 100mm Macro Lens + Nissin Di-866

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